Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Netflix Ireland

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This blog is updated daily with the most recent info from the Ireland version of Netflix. Every title currently available for online streaming on Netflix Ireland is listed.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Nu for Netflix App

Are you disheartened by the frustration you experience when using the search feature within Netflix? Do you spend more time searching for movies on Netflix than actually watching them? Do you want reliable, easy to browse title lists that are updated hourly right at your fingertips? Then the NU for Netflix app is for you! Find the movie or show you want, all the while dazzling your senses with our lists and searches generated by our kick ass proprietary algorithm! FEATURES:
  • View the latest releases added in your region.
  • View a list of the latest Blockbuster titles available in your region in our “Hot List.”
  • Search by movie/show/person in your region.
  • Combined all of the Netflix Genres into 14 easy to browse Genre Groups.
  • All titles contain Rotten Tomatoes rankings (if available).
  • Data is updated hourly to keep you up to date!
UPGRADE TO PRO and get these additional features:
  • Search by movie/show/person across 13 of the most popular Netflix regions (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA…coming soon France, Germany, Luxembourg and Australia).
  • View the latest releases added in your desired region(s) or worldwide.
  • View a list of the latest Blockbuster titles available in your desired region(s) or worldwide in our “Hot List.”
  • Let the app help you choose a movie with the handy “Random” feature.
  • Remove the in app ads.
Download Nu for Netflix for your iOS device Download Nu for Netflix for your Android device
NOTE: This app DOES NOT stream Netflix! You must have your own Netflix account. You must also sign-up for a paid service to have the ability to change your Netflix region, such as Blockless.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New Movie Arrivals - Wed, Aug 27, 2014

Listing of new movies/films released to Netflix Ireland over the past 5 days. These movies are all currently available for online streaming.

Aug 27

Apartment 1303
(2012) 1hr 25m


Aug 24

Just Like a Woman
(2012) 1hr 27m

Rotten Tomatoes

Aug 23

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey
(2011) 1hr 45m

Rotten Tomatoes

Aug 20

1:1 Thierry Henry
(2012) 51m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Art of Flight, The
(2011) 1hr 20m

Rotten Tomatoes
Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Bending Colours
(2012) 37m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Congo: The Grand Inga Project
(2013) 1hr 21m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Danny MacAskill's Imaginate
(2013) 48m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
(2013) 2hr 50m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Halo Effect
(2011) 47m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Junkies on a Budget: In Space
(2012) 40m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
(2013) 1hr 45m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Mission to the Edge of Space: The Inside Story of Red Bull Stratos
(2013) 2hr 3m

Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb
Mount St. Elias
(2009) 1hr 40m

Rotten Tomatoes
Closed Captions: ---  - English  imdb